21 Jul

listen very carefully now…im typing slowwwwly so that you can catch on every word…. ok i have forgeten what i wanted t say, clearly it wasnt important. ian arunga is my name, the I and A are in CAPS, im just too lazy to go back and correct that, correcting means ill have to reach for the mouse….long press on hift—-u get my drift!! Plus this is my diary, i can do whatever i want!!!! ohh, i also need to add an S on SHift above…aghh! i need an assistant to help me do this.

at this point you have already know something about me… TOTALLY lazy!! apart from that I WORK VERY HARD!! i have 5 jobs p.s i dont have a son or daughter born out of wedlock ( see also THE GOOD SEX) that i need to take care of!! i just hate doing nothing! most of you are already confused, A LAZY HARD WORKING MAN! thats me in 4 words!
p.p.s- you can call me sketch… now lets live my life =)

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