22 Jul

TIME: 1425
i am at the office ( ok i should stop using this line!) MOVING ON….
i am at the office, ive moved my computer, im now seated next to my colleague who carried a heater from home… i cant even carry a sweater! MY HEAVENS! But this is not about my colleague or her heater…
this is about THE FAX!

when i was a kid i used to think FAX is a terrible word! i didnt
know what it does but it had to be something bad… im seated here
trying to wonder why i thought it was a bad word! all i can come up
with is that maybe its pronounced the same way as F**KS (i should quit
using cuss words!) or it almost sounds like SEX!i must have been very intelligent either way….

a little something you didnt know- THE FAX MACHINE WAS INVENTED IN 1843 by inventors Alexander Bain, Elisha
Gray, Arthur Korn, and Edouard Belin!! HARD TO BELIEVE?? believe it! (SAID BY THE GUY FOR RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT)

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