01 Aug

Dear Doris,

today i shed a tear… not the usual ones i shed when im eating! or the the ones you shed at funerals…or when blah blah blah!!! These tears came straight from the ass of my heart!! I did not weep… tears just made their way down my cheeks…i will tell you how it happened! I work almost every Sunday, businesses to run and deals to make, but this Sunday was different, i was opening up our new Lithium shop today! A lot had to be done, painting the walls, electricity shit, carpentry…fittings! Arghhhh! it was just a lot. i ran out of money and had to ask around!! i was dirty! i worked my ass off till the sun went down!!

I was walking home with a smile… theres is this comfort you get out of working hard….

THEN: from nowhere particular, a slap across my face and a blow on my groin!! It was like a movie! in a fraction of a second a group of five hood rats had emptied my pockets and slapped me a few times!! I hit one of them in the eye… i shot as he screamed!! my jacket has blood, not mine, im not hurt! i am home now, wishing i would meet God and tell Him it was a terrible evening for a trial!! 


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