11 Aug

Dear Doris,

My day is coming on great!! i have my pack Maryland Double Choc and coffee, i have my music by the Chipettes & the Chipmunks( great stuff) i am warm and loving my job!!

Now listen very carefully to what i am about to say. It is of great importance to you and me!!! hare we go-Yesterday I ate 12 Indian  samosas!! you know the ones with enough chili to kill a cat!!? yeah!! i had 12 of those and ladies and gentlemen, it was pure heaven!!! And at that very second, my life made sense (from LIVING MEMORIES by Al Kags) But only for a while… when i got home i was shitting bullets!!! its like i had gun powder on the linings of my intestines!! And it smelt like CHANNEL EUPHORIA that had gone bad!!! Enough about the gross stuff…

Moving on…..

I was talking to Hawi* last night… She started

" something about me you dont know… i love drums!!!" Doris, I have to learn how to play the drums!!! ill let her listen to my heart beat… im sure its playing her jam!!!

I am thinking about you Hawi*……


in other news, i told a lie earlier today!! I feel terrible about it!! It was 1 sentence!! My respect for myself has gone down 2 points!!!


p.s- I have no idea what that Title is about!!! 

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