11 Aug

Dear Doris,
 this was going to be a smashing post!! But it wont, i will try to impress either way!! Ill start by apologizing! i told a lie earlier today and i feel terrible! It was a stupid lie and if its you i lied to and you are reading this i beg you to accept my apology!!
Doris, you know how ive been going on n on about big women?? About jennifer Hudson and Monique!! Thinga have changed!! i dug deep in my brains for BIG black beautiful women!!! I am still deeply and un-explain-ably with both women but i am cheating on them!!

JILL SCOTT- I think she is the prettiest plus size woman i know!!! in a sun dress-she is a dream! Perfect body size and skin color!! not dark- GAWSHH!! look at her left leg in this picture!!Thats my swag right there!! She comes 1st!! Shes Jill Scott!!!

QUEEN LATIFAH- I am cofused!! Totally! She comes second!! No, shes totally 1st!! A tie!! I WILL MARRY JILL SCOTT AND CHEAT ON HER WITH LATIFAH!! Now thats what you call a perfect relationship!!! She won over my heart in that movie she did with that white guy who has white hair and she was the nanny!! Wat was it called again?? I cant remember!! I was lie 12 years old, but then again, i have always known what i want!! and that ladies and gentlemen is THE QUEEN!!!!

TOCCARA-Remember when i said earlier that id marry Jill and cheat on her with queen Latifah?? I lied,i will MARRY Toccara and never cheat on her!
 Doris, I am feeling really bad coz i lied!! I am not feeling this post!! Its a beautiful story but not for today!!

CHRISETTE- To be honest, i did not know who she was until today!! but shes definitely a potential candidate!!! I will have my answer tomorrow!!

This will be the last post today, Gnyt Doris!

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