17 Aug

My Love Doris,

I missed my periods!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Ive just missed you, im not crazy!! Its been terribly long!! We  talked last on thursday right!! i fee like its been 6 years n 8 months!!! I am fine!! Ok im lying, my body is killing  me!!! its been a very eventful weekend!!

I worked till late on Thursday to get Friday off!!!! then went for UPTOWN THURSDAY!!! with all my exhaustion!!! It was polite!! went to Rez with my bro n cuz!! There was this chic in a red top n tights and an ass that had a medical problem!! IT WAS TOO BIG!!! Apart from her ailment, she looked very familiar.

"Have we met b4?" i asked her!!

Doris, i really HATE it when this statement is confused for a pick up line!!!! I think you look familiar and if you haven't seen me before just fuckin say so!!! sorry for cussing!! 

"no!! Thts a cheap pick up line!!!" she sed!! UWIIIIIII!!! atleast no 1 heard!! she wasn't pretty and i was offended!!but  I am An Arunga, a gentleman!!

"I am sorry. Everything you will have tonight is on me!!!! i am seated at the balcony!" I sed and walked away!!! By the time i was leaving i had bought her 3 drinks!!! She was quite affordable for A NON-CHEAP LINER!! on my way out she slid her number in my jacket…. her name is Lola!! HAHA!!

we went to another club before heading home!! Red! The Dj was on a mission to keep us there till morning! He was good! we didn't stay long!! on my way out i spotted a potential candidate!!


  • yellow yellow
  • purple short dress with 1 orange stripe
  • excellent dance moves
  • nothing above 22 years
  • beautiful smile
  • average assets
  • orange clutch bag!!!
  • black heels

she wasn't big!! But she was everything else!!! I didnt get her name or number!!! all i heard was a tattoo!! A neat design on her back, right shoulder blade!! She didnt get it here (kenya) i could tell!! its still vivid in my mind!! so i did a quick sketch!!! I am looking for the woman who had this tattoo on her back and a great smile!!!


The night didnt end well though!! A ragged man with an over sized jacket a cigarette held lightly between his lips and a beer in his hand came to where the chic in purple was and grabbed her ass!! at that very point my insides somersaulted horrendously!!! She needs a gentleman, a man who doesnt drink and smoke!! a man who will not just grab her ass in public lie that, a man who wears designer jackets- THAT FIT!!! A man who can take care of her…I LOOK AT MYSELF IN THE MIRROR AND I SEE THAT MAN!!!

i went home sad and broken!! before i slept… i did a sketch of the only thing i had for identification, a permanent mark on her back!!!

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One response to “I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!

  1. Abba

    August 17, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    you are too too dramatic!!!!haahahhahhahaahhaahahha Damage!


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