20 Aug

Dear Doris,

I still cant believe you are still waiting for me to come up with a cure!!

i have so much work today and should be working instead of doing this! i feel like going to the bathroom so bad its not even funny!!

I was late for work today!!! checked in at 9am on the dot!! no thats not a good story…..

Yesterday night was a blast!! Went for a fashion show at Secrets lounge after jobo!! Apart from the 500/= entrance fee, the night was cool!! Had a good laugh with a friend of 15 years, we dissed mdels in annoying whispers and talked as the MC spoke… We walked in through the door!! Its weird how time flys….. NO- its weird how one time SHE is a little innocent girl in class 3 who walked around with a juice bottle and the next minute a beautiful woman of 22 who only drinks white wine!!! Its weird how you drop home the little girl you used to walk home with… TIME FLYS!!!


i met an old Indian man on the matatu i took to work today!! he was clear above 40 years.We did not talk. he was sick, from his body movements i could tell he suffered a stroke not so long ago!! he had a walking stick, and had a blck woman help him around… i think he was going to hospital because the woman who was with him was carrying a bag o medicine and xray files…. He refused to be helped into the matatu!! He took a minute or two but he did it!!! From his actions i had another reason never to stop….

I gave my small sister my trench coat to launder!! She said it would cost me 170/= From that second i knew there was something very wrong with the laundry she goes to!!! I launder my jackets for 350/= how can a coat twice my jackets size be cheaper by HALF!!! I let her take it either way!! it took 9 days to come back!!! Yesterday evening i found a laundry bag on my bed with my trench coat inside…..


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