23 Aug

Dear Doris,

we still dont know each other well enough to start blabbering about my father!!! But if you have to know, his name was Onassis!! Named after Aristotle Socrates Onassis who was named after two Greek philosophers, went from being
totally broke at age 21 to being a millionaire at age 23. His father’s
first name was Socrates. Aristotle was a shipping
tycoon, an intelligent ruthless hard-driving man, a man of the world who
spoke a number of languages such as French, Spanish, English, Italian, and
Turkish. He married JFK’s widow. His ever present sunglasses made him
look like Al Capone to a number of people.


Like i said, this wasnt about my father!!

My weekend was super awesome!!! it was a graduation weekend, meaning MANY PARTIES LINED UP! i managed to go to two out of four….no five!!

1st PARTY-it was a SHE graduating!! i cant remember her name!! Probably carol but i am not sure!! somewhere on Arboretum Drive. it was simple!! it wasnt even a party, it was a dinner thing!! it was full of speeches!!!

talking about speeches, i hate people who start their speech by saying "mine will not be long…." then go on and talk for 20 minutes!!!! then they proudly finish , "with those few remarks…" WHAT THE SEX!!" I didnt cuss!!!

my brother and i ate then left…..oh and we bought two cards, one was a "our daughter card from our parents and the other was just a normal graduation card…. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION AS YOU WILL SEE LATER!!

2nd party- Karen!! I think thats the prettiest house ive seen this year…i take that back, its the prettiest house IVE BEEN IN!!! it was coldddd!!! My friends big brother was graduating!!! I met him for the first time that day, but i could swear i have seen  him before more than once!!!

NOTE: WE GAVE THE OTHER GRADUAND THE NORMAL CARD!! LEAVING US WITH THE "OUR DAUGHTER CARD" !! I dont remember us giving him the card….. if we did, then…..i dont want to know!!!!!

the time is a bout 10pm and we head for Westlands!! On our way the engine failure light goes on!!! the car, NISSAN PATROL had just been fixed!! so we had to go home and take the other car, ISUZU TROOPER!! na si kuringa!!!

we got to westlands an hour later…. we went to Skylax….

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if you are in need of young beautiful women wearing almost nothing, Skylax is the place to shop!! Naked legs left and right….yellow yellow right and left!!!! But theres only one problem, its like all of them agreed to be HIGH MAINTAINANCE!! BILLS left and right!!!

i have to go back to work!!!!

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