25 Aug


my day is not goin on well….. woke up feeling like shit!!! Thing is i dont know wats wrong! i have this dangerous mind!! i can see things before they happen!! i take that back…i can feel thing before they happen, and this ladies and gentlemen. is that such feeling!! i woke up as usual, went into the shower, turned it on and just stood there soaking!!!  it wasnt long before my mind drifted!! for more than an hour i just stood there!! trying to figure out what it could be!!! Trying to figure out something bad thats to happen is not very easy!!


by the time i realized what was going on round me, the small room was already covered in steam!! i didnt come up with anything!!!

on a normal morning i match my clothes on my bed before i get into the shower!! I get a shirt, then a trouser…i then lay different ties against the two….. i get a pair of boxers and socks!!! then have my shoes cleaned!!! from the shower i oil up, deo up and get into my clothes!

it wasnt like this today!! i woke up and went straight into the shower!! i came back and picked a random pair of boxers, comfortable pair of pants and a polo shirt! i wasnt going to work!!! THIS FEELING IS THAT SERIOUS!!!

i got back into bed to try and figure shit out!!!


i took some money and walked out  of the house in sandals like i was going to buy credit or bread (on a normal day, my mother prays before i leave and says "may the Lord  go with you!")

i walked slowly to the bus stop!! the urge to turn back was ravishing!! but i didnt look back… not once!!!

i met a random lady on the mat i took!! she couldnt stop asking questions!!!

"where  did you get your chain?'

"where is multi choice?"

"are you going to work?"

"do you like my suit?"

"i am going for an interview!!"

i just looked at her- blankly!!! she was lucky she found me on a bad day!!

i get to the office and everyone is looking at me funny!! i sit at my desk and check my mail….my personal mail has 2 new emails!!! which is fine!! my work email has 3 emails!!! All are briefs for new design material!!! Thats a lot of work!!


i am working on the designs as we speak …. waiting to see what will happen!!!

p.s- the only thing thats still putting a smile across my a face is my new gold chain that my brother gave me this morning coz i was feeling this way!!! it was 10,000 bob!!! sigh!!!

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