02 Sep

Dear Doris,

Do you know what your name means?? 'From the sea' weird huh? its a greek name… Doris was the wife of the sea god!!! AND HAD 50 children!! haha!!

Dont worry about the title…it means nothing!!! i dont even remember typing it…Sick child

You remember how cool it was to be sick from some complex illness when you were a kid!!?? like SCARLET FEVER?? or DISLOCATION!!!!haha!!! I had a friend who had LEUKEMIA and i found him so cool!!! i wanted to be like him. He had all the attention!! Even girls sat next to him during break!!! This was a big deal in class 2!!!

"i mean where do people get these things!" i thought to myself many times!!!  

Then there was Bosco!!! SURGERY!!!! i think he became my best friend for a while!!! it was something on his neck, i cant remember, and he needed someone to share this glory!! i was right by his side!!!! 

I hardly fell sick as a child!! Not including the times i FELL sick coz i didnt want to go to school!! if you consider those, i was ALWAYS sick!!!

I lived under other kids glory for quite sometime….there was Jack who was hit by a car n broke his leg, there was Sabastian the blind kid etc

then one glorious day i came down with a cough!!! It was nothing serious…in fact my ma thought i was faking it!!! after tests and an XRAY (please note that i was already very cool at this point- THE X-RAY) the doctor concluded i had BRONCHITIS!!!! i felt like i was some greek god!!!not only did i have a cough, but also BRONCHITIS!! i almost kissed the doctor!!!

i knew nothing about this disease!!! but i was sure it had something to do with BRONX!!! i couldnt wait to tell the boys…I WAS BULLET PROOF!!!!

(Bronx was the dog in GARGOYLES- remember?) 

I got attention alright, but not as much as i expected… SOMETHING WAS VERY WRONG!!!! Thats when i decided to research on this BRONCHITIS…and how it linked to Bronx!!!

My dad had this mini-library thing going on!! There were the encyclopedias and readers digests and books on fish and blah blah…

i found out  a lot of things about bronchitis…a lot of things i didnt understand!! like the different types of bronchitis and SYMPTOMS and BRONCHIOLES and LARYNX…you get my drift…a lot of shit that were not important!!!!

the sentence that caught my eye was…

'chronic bronchitis might cause death' not exactly in that order!!!!!Gargoyles-bronx

My life changed!!! I was a dying kid!!! THATS NOT COOL!!!! At school everyone looked at me like they knew i was dying (I DIDNT TELL ANYONE)!!!

my teacher kept on asking me if i was ok… ( WHO TOLD HER?)

i had girls over at break time…. (IT WAS OUT!!)

i couldnt be dyin alone.. so i researched on all the diseases i knew my friends had!!!

A LOT OF THEM HAD "if not treated early could lead to death"


i didnt tell my friends they might die…i was a gentleman!



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One response to “7 GHOSTS AND A VIRGIN

  1. lulu

    April 1, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    you are something else hehe, laughed my ass off at this…


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