10 Sep

Dear Doris,

Yesterday was a great night in ways more than one… I am happy to inform you that i found the woman i haveLnf been looking for- you know, the one with the tattoo i sketched earlier?? Yeah, i found her… the adrenalin that was pumping in my blood vessels was impossible!! Oh n i saw her for like a split second, thats all i needed, NOW i know it wasnt a dream, and a beautiful woman like that actually exists!! I am happy!! She goes to Red tape, funny thing is i saw her at the exact same spot i saw her last time…we all know im setting camp there!!

I was with so many people…i think we were like 10 or more!! The night started out slow but ended up in a bang!!!



i took my cousin to buy his woman a gift…a get well soon something something. He got her a wrist watch, i think its the most thoughtful gift for GET WELL SOON occasion!! 

I cant remember the last time i got a woman a gift…. as in a woman who is not my  mother or sister..FAMILY! those get stuff from me all the time =) it has been a while since i showed up randomly at a womans house with flowers… A WATCH, anything.. I cant explain it but it feels terrible… BEING SINGLE I TELL YOU!!!Lost-Diva-Found-Woman

So my birthday was like a week ago, but one of my boys JUST HAD TO POUR BEER ON ME YESTERDAY!!!! AND A LOT OF IT!!! it was cool. i was lucky i had removed my jacket,it would have been a disaster. i smelt of beer for a while…my cologne overpowered most of it though and  no one noticed….

i was lucky my dad wasnt the one who opened the door when i came home…AFTER DENYING I DONT DRINK  THEN COME HOME SMELLING OF BEER THE NEXT DAY!!!

i think Dela is really beautiful!

Apart from what i have already said, i was in trouble today morning when i used my dads car without permission!! i am lucky he is a christian and a very humble man… if it was another FATHER, id be rocking a body bag right now!!!

i feel like i am forgetting something……..

Something very important!!!!!



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