14 Sep

Dearest Doris,

Im so happy it doesn't make sense! Here i am with so much work on my desk and so little time…but i feel nothing!! IM SO FUC** UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY!!! im sorry for cussing!!! This feeling started yesterday night!!! I got home n i couldnt stop talking!!! Maybe its because i got a new job in Beirut… its in Lebanon for thsoe of you who haven't googled it yet!!! ok lemme shut up lest i kill my luck…

I am not even working, my  next sentence is a lie…


i finished my super huge portrait yesterday night!! at least thats out of my to do list…. Framing it will cost me 4,000/= Lord knows i cant afford that, so i WILL do it!! hahaha!! im feeling luckyyyyyy!!! im CLAPPING!!!

you know how rich kids collect stamps and even richer kids collect vintage cars??!! Well, i used to collect mosquitoes!! Do not be fooled, i wasnt collecting them to study them or anything of the sort!!! I killed them by joining its tiny body hard with the wall!!! i then gently scrapped its carcass off the wall and stuck it on a book!!! You already know i wasn't interested in studying these little creatures!!! I wanted to do something i was sure NO ONE IN THE WORLD WOULD THINK ABOUT!!!!!

after sticking these insects on my book, i drew a neat square round it, leaving just a little space for text!!!! I then wrote their obituaries!!! i explained how i killed them!!! i went like

"it is indeed with deep sorrow to announce the sudden death of SIPROSA SUNA!! who met the wall on its way to the sitting room. He was the founder of SUNSO BLOOD TRANSFUSION CENTRE…. Church service and fundraiser at her home behind the bookshelf!!!

OH!! i gave em names and jobs too!!!!hahaha!! CRAZY HUH!!!!

i remember there was tis time i asked my dad who the guys in the small boxes in the newspaper were (note i was on the obituaries page)!! He said…they were people who had passed away!!!!

i grew up knowing anyone who had their picture in the newspaper WAS DEAD!!!! i kept on wondering why our president died everyday! 

PS- something was definately on my mind about that title….


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2 responses to “DESK SEX

  1. Nabutilu

    September 15, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    hahaha! this has made my week!!!!! mosquitoes with jobs!!!! 😀

  2. the sketch

    September 16, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    i should show it to you sometime. remind me!!! viewer’s descretion is advised!!! i feel like i have spelt something wrong!!!!


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