16 Sep

Dear Doris,

i know you must be wondering why im here early today!!! well i cant explain it…in fact today is the one day i shouldnt be here early!!! I was 2 hours late!!! I have a reason…a genuine one i musBrain+powert say….not those cliche, "stuck in traffic" or "family crisis!!' nothing like that bull shit!! SOrry for swearing!!

i stayed home watching a movie!!!!! Yes Doris!! I did!! Its a new movie- JUST WRIGHT! you watched it?? yeah… i got the movie coz queen Latifah was in it… NOTHING ELSE!! I said id watch 5 minutes of it and watch the rest in the evening after work!! i ended up watching the whole movie!!! it was good movie…cliche, but good!!! the only thing i liked about it was the big beautiful woman!!!and coz this woman was everywhere in the movie…it was a classic!! Enough about MY QUEEN!!!

the office was smelling of petrol when i got here!! i hope someone isnt fooling with fuel!!haah!! 

Did i ever tell you i am allergic to fish!!!? i proved to myself that this allergy thing is all in the head!!! I wil explain!! 

As a kid i ate a lot of fish!! TRUST ME!! probably more than you all!! i have eaten almost all types of edible fish!!!

one time in high  school i just decided… RANDOMLY, that i am allergic to fish!!! And indee the next time i ate fish… i had a terrible rush all over my body!!! My doctor said i am allergic to fish proteins! He was either a quack or i can do a lot with my mind… trying to make you pee on yourself with my mind right now…if you do pee on yoursel, MY MIND IS TRULY A POWERFUL WEAPON….if you dont, that doc be a quack!!

have to go to back to work. Picture this if i am fired…i lose free internet..and that means i lose you…THATS A RUMOUR!!!

kisses my love

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