30 Sep

Dear Doris,

This love of ours feels like its forbidden!! With all this work i have every second i spend with you is stolen!! But fear not My beauty, for what we have can only be extinguished by lack of breath!! I will die before i stop…you can call it sweet nothings if you i know i am serious!!!

SOME ONE HAS STOLEN MY SANDWICH!!! SECOND TIME THIS WEEK!! THIRD if you count the disappearing of my chocolate!!! 

Doris, have you ever had someone talking about  you somewhere. You know when they dont know you are there??! Ok thats rare…lets try another; have you ever had someone talk about someone you know??! So o my way to work today i sat behind 3 random women who were headed to KINOO!!! that just proves how random they were..if you are asking yourself why i was in the same bus with them, it happens that it passes through west-lands!! Gossip-photo-main_full1244225971

I saw them immediately i got boarded the bus!! The one on the edge was holding a magazine that jolted my senses!! PREGNANT was the name of the magazine and on the cover was my cousin!!! There is this curve women wear on their lip when they are deep in gossip!! i cant quite explain it!! Its a downward curve that says "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!" I am sure you get where i am coming from!! 

So i sat behind them so that i could steal glimpses of the mag!! She was looking beautiful alright!! ITS A FAMILY THING!!! i am not tooting my own horn, im just saying!!

"ehhhh, niliskia ati alinunulia wazazi wake nyumba Nyari!!!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! These three women knew stuff about my family that i dont know!! 


"wacha wewe!! naskia alioa huyo mtu kwa sababu ya pesa!! wanajenga church ingine Karen sijui!!!" HAHAHAHAHA!!!


be advised! I couldnt just stand up and say the woman on the cover you talk ill about is my cousin and i will not have you talk like that!!! I am a cool guy!! All i could do was sit back and enjoy these lies!at this point there was no room for truth coz all three women were unconciously fighting over who knew the juiciest story about my cousin!!

"Alipata hiyo mimba juu ya pesa tu!! Naskia walinunua nyumba Kitusuru!!" Ok this bit i am not sure about!! But from the way things were going, it couldnt possibly be true!!!


I love my cousin and there is nothing anyone can say that will ever change that!! I AM JUST SAYING!!!

Got to run Snowflake!

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One response to “THREE LYING WOMEN!!!

  1. Lee la Poeta

    October 4, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Lovin da pic. Price of fame.4 ur cousin.


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