05 Oct

My heart weeps Doris….

the thought of never finding this moment shattered my insides…the blood that pumped through my heart boiled with unruly love!!! But Doris, my heart did not, not once, loveth thee less!! each morning, upon the shimmering sun…each morning when the dewed grass reflected its rays….Doris..i thought of you!!!

my night were long and my days were dry!! The sun was wild and the clouds lacked silver linings! My seconds were hours as minutes snailed by!! Still thinking about you!!!

many are the times i sat and looked at my phone in an empty gaze hoping it would light up with Smurfs-SEXY"DORIS CALLING" but nothing…..


I was away all this time because i was really busy-THAT IS THE TRUTH!!! But its not a good reason to be away now is it?!

i am truly sorry my love!!

The Hay Festival is over, and once again i am free..but not for long!!

Doris, I met you when planning for this event, and i could still afford to talk to you once or twice a day depending on my deadlines…. the next festival is next year at time such as this… I HAVE SO MUCH FREE TIME NOW WE CAN GRADUATE FROM TALK TO SEX!!! hahaha!!!

I met great people during this trying period of the festival…My back pack has autographs clear over a hundred!! Poets, singers, actors….and white people!!! 

I suck at names! terrible at remembering faces!! but one thin i am sure about:
To everyone i met at the festival, you are a big bunch…I will forget your names and will not remember your faces…but special…you will remain!!!!


I like when i am being lied to and I KNOW IT for example when you call someone up and ask where they are and they say something like

"IN TOWN" and you can see them in Westlands! I find comfort when other people lie…it more like "YOU LIE TOO??!"haahaha!!

My back hurts!!!! 

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