Sex on floor number 62

06 Oct

Dear Doris,
if you have the slightest bit of brains,you already know that i did not have sex on floor number 62!the tallest buiding in my region has 32 floors-im i right?!times towers has how many floors?? Yeah and i have never even set foot on that compound let alone making my way to the top floor holding a womans hand!
I am in town! At my shop! I do custom clothing- so this lady walks in and shakes my hand like im made of fire or poop!or i want to sleep with her!! I hate that Doris,if i stretch out my hand calling for a shake and for some weird reason you dont feel like shaking it, then FUCKIN DONT! I am really annoyed! Hahaha, then she make a fool of herself by asking if i have a “dark light blue tshirt…” FOOL!!
I didnt go to work today…i dedicated this day to my sketches…so far i have done a sketch of Angelina Jolie bitting a strawberry!!its too damn sexy!
My back still hurts!
I saw the coolest thing today-A MATATU WITH RED PLATES?!!hahaha.the UN IS IN THE MATATU BUSINESS NOW???hahaha! We call it 3rd world!
Its Wednesday right?
I need money!
I miss Hawi*!
Doris, you should watch machete….the amount of blood thats shed in 90 minutes is unbelievable..havent seen anything so bloody since Spartacus season 1 episode 13….
I need money!
Let me go look for it…
Till next time Snowflake…

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