How much soil is there in a hole measuring one metre by one metre by one metre?

07 Oct

So i have been in the office for a meeting since 1pm. It was a postmortem of the Hay festival…. It was long and spent most of the time sketching on my diary and thinking about how i will have to write how long it was!!!
Its just ended and my boss went like…
“before i finish i just wanted to nominate three people who have shown blahh blahh…you know that stuff for the guys who have worked exceptionally hard to see the festival come through and positive attitude and hard working….come on doris, you know what i am talking about!!!
I am there doing my crossword sure i am not among the three coz really, everyone worked hard!! so im there trying to igure out an answer to a crossword question…”VC Egerton University” THEN…
“I want to thank Ian…..” Thats all i needed to hear to shed a tear!Not literally!! But it was a beautiful moment!! You know  all those countless times i complained about staying up late working…. I take it all back!!! The Ksh10,000 i have been given for all the work took it all away!!!
oh and the answer to my question(title), thats if you are still wondering…is none…ITS A HOLE!!!!

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