25 AGAIN!!

11 Oct

I just copy pasted this off my notes on Facebook!! I have edited it just a lil bit though!!

1.i lose phones 4 a living. in love wt black g-strings n id marry 1 f they'd say 'i do'

3.i cnt forgive Adam cz al of us wld b butt naked singin praises at sme garden. Eve is another fool!! IM JUST SAYING!

4. 4th of september!! On that date a few… many years back- i was born!!!

5.i fart wt a passion but leon is a walking atomic reactor. Funny_relationship

6.i have almost been arrested so many times…it adds up to being arrested!!

7.i cnt lie.ask kaimuri!

8.i knw Kimberly Ogembo is tha best human being in tha world.i stand not 2 b corrected.

9.i collect mosquitoes n write their obituaries…

10.i don't drink at all!!

11.I'm allergic to fish!!

12.i know al the dirty kikuyu wrds…ok i am lying- I know two but they are both dirty!!

13.teeth are the 1st things i luk 4 in a woman.

14.i luv wtchn old ppl strggl 2 me n leon r startn up an old ppls hme fit wt free viagra n slippery bathtubs. it will be called STILL WATERS HOME FOR THE OLD AND BROKEN!

13.i wnt 2 feed angelna jolies lips 2 my kitten.

14.shittn I'm wesgate in tha disabld ppls toilets is lyk shitting on a cloud. so unlucky in gamblin bt i dnt knw wts up wen it cms 2 strip poker.i go pro.

16.i cnt remember birthdays so if ur bday aint 19july,27nov,1 april,18mch,8oct,4sep,6may,29july,i have forgotten!!

17.did i mention i hv 2 fish,tia n tamara whch r dyng cz they cnt stand a 3rd wrld cntry.they live in a sufuria.

18.i hate green as much as avocado.

19. i stole a fish once and held it tight in my pocket so it would not make any noises!! I was young!!

20.kaimuris frnd hs tha best braces…

21.i have two tattoos… one is of my mothers name on my left chest and the second of my sisters name on my back!

22.i thnk hell is plot!imagine talking to a woman who is probably naked coz all her clothes are burnt to ashes already and your  hair on fire…and  sparks on ur finger-holding a hot sprite.uwii

23.i cn sing only wen mamima n aba r doin tha chorus…haha. who im i kidding!! I CANT SING FOR SHIugar!!! i almost cussed back there!!!! Phew!!

24.i nosebleed every morning…just like Michael Scofield!! Did i spell that right!!? if I did not and you are wondering who i am talking about, its the pale faced guy in Prison Break!!

25.When i was a kid, i fell into a pit latrine!!! It was a warm experience!!


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3 responses to “25 AGAIN!!

  1. Nabutilu

    October 11, 2010 at 7:08 pm

    Ian u can’t count???????? number 14 and number 14 !!!!!hahhahahahaha number 3 has made my day.
    p.s you are veeeeeeeeeeery special! 🙂

  2. Wia Villanueva

    November 4, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    I love to sketch when I travel. Inspiration seems to appear on every corner. The color, sounds, light, and experience of a new place makes you think differently of something you might do or see everyday.


    February 13, 2013 at 8:22 am

    I actually Think that blog post, “25 AGAIN!
    ! Dear Doris” ended up being perfect! I personallycouldn’t agree together with u more! Finally looks like I actuallylocated a weblog worthy of reading through. Thanks a lot, Linnie


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