18 Nov

Dearest Doris,

Where do I start!? 

First of all, I am really sorry for having gone so long!! I wasnt working late this time, or had to spend the night at church praying!! It is clear that i have been cheating on you, and I am so sorry…. all i ask for is another chance! Jaherana, will you give me another chance to fix this?? As in fix my watch!!

Moving on…

I met a stupid woman at the police station today!! Remind me to tell you why I was at the police station later on!!! Where were we… yeah, the fool!! So i am standing there waiting to be served (SERVICE TO ALL is the slogan) This Bit** walks in(dressed pretty well and way past her middle ages), because she came in in an X6, something lies to her that she is more important than me (WHICH MIGHT BE TRUE) and comes and stands in front of me… I didnt mind that. My father taught me to let my elders go first (That last statement is a lie…) She is served quickly…. I had been standing there for 5 minutes and no one moved a butt muscle…. I was still eazy* and let her finish….

Then Doris, she looks at me and sneers… I hadnt done shit!! She mumbles something in Kikuyu!! all this time i keep on telling myself 

Images " Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,  bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also." look it up, its somwhere in Luke!!

I give her no mind!! Not until she steps on my shoe on her way out… NOW my love, I will take a whole load of shit, but will never take diarrhea! Does that make sense??!! I dont know what got over me… Did i mention I was wearing shoes by NEXT!!!? She fuckin* steps on me!!! Sorry for cussing!! 

I go on autopilot…

"what the fuck is wrong with you?" I snap!! I quickly regress when I catch a glimpse of a cop from the side of my eye!! A man walks out of the X6 which she came in… I am almost pissing my pants but I keep my stern face!! 

"kijana hiyo ni heshima kweli!!" a female cop asks ni utter ignorance of the situation!!

"heshima ni matako yako!!" i cuss in my head!!!

The idiotic fool who stepped on me, still in shock is rooted on the spot!!! 

She walks into her car without saying a word!!! her and her bodyguard sijui driver! 

I turn to the female cop and in my innocent(usual) voice ask…." will you serve me or not?"

I am served very quickly and I am on my way to work in seconds!!!!


Why was i at the police station?

if you remember clearly, I lost my wallet at a concert two weekends ago! I went to report that and get an abstract coz I was broke and I have to go for  friends funeral in Kisumu tonight!!! 

Dont mess with me today… I have worn my power purple SHIRT, my trench coat  and shoes by NEXT!! I am bulletproof!!!


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