22 Nov

Dear Doris,

My meeting starts in seven minutes and I will be in it almost the whole day!!! So consider yourself very special!!

My weekend was…well…sad!! Two funerals!! Took a bus to Kisumu on Thursday night ( Yes I took Friday off) It was the worst bus ride ever since  I took a bus from shagz with our house help of the time who had 2 litres of soda and 5 mandazis before we left and couldnt stop farting!!! 

have to go…. will talk after the meeting. In the meantime, watch this  

I am back, two hours later. So where were we? Yeah, the farting mboch!!

p.s – i hope you already know that my title is absolutely irrelevant!! So I got to Kisumu at 4am and was awake till 10!! The funeral service was starting in an hour!! So wore my suit and did my tie… THEN NO BLACK SOCKS!!! I FUCKIN* FORGOT MY BLACK SOCKS!!! I am sorry for cussing!!! So I ask my neighbor for black socks (he is my friend-has been formost of my years)  So this boy goes to their house and comes back with grey ankle socks written in capital letters 'SPECIAL'!! This kid walked all the way to their house, looked for a pair of black sock, didnt find, then decide "oh, these are special!!" I fail to fathom!! So I dash to town to get a new pair of black socks!!!

The funeral service went on really well!! I will miss you Mullah!

It was cool seeing old friends!! Talking about old friends!! You know those little girls back in primary school?? The ones that were like 4 classes behind you??! well I saw a few, THEY WERE ANYTHING BUT LITTLE!! Those small girls were now proud owners amazing mansions and oil fields!! I am talking about boobs and ass!!! I was very confused!! i felt old!!

My friends and I went to Bondo later on the same day for another funeral (a friends grandma)!! I slept all the way!! Bondo was cool. Nothing much to say about that except i had a shot of tequila!!! YES, after 1 year one month of not drinking!! SUE ME!! I felt this rush… like a know!!haha!! I kept on knocking things off the bar! 

My eyes are getting better, at least I can see the asterix on the key board… Please tell me if this is it '&'. Is it?

I had a nightmare that the boy who gave me the 'SPECIAL' socks fell in a pit latrine and died!! I woke up sweating like a horse never would!!

Babes, let me get back to work.. Kesho pia ni siku!!! 













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