24 Nov

Dear Doris,

I could not wait to talk to you  today!! I have 75 funny stories!! I hope you already know by 75 i mean one!! 

So I wake up 30 minutes late and I am running up and down the stairs, forgetting something with each ascend and another with each descend!! So my small brother has closed school and is already going for holiday tuition ( i abhorred them, MY GOD!!!) He is supposed to get up at 6:30am and should be out of the house by 7am!! Apparently he is supposed to be woken up by by mother (i learnt of this detail this morning)!! My brother was awake by 6am… but was dead silent facebooking under his duvet! At 8am, my mother shouts out his name from downstairs…. A34_homer3


During my time, if you were woken up… wacha even  being late… it was war!! I am talking Pearl Harbour shit!!! You can imagine the blood shed if you are woken up…. and you are 1 hour 30 minutes late!!! 


My mother does not go all BANKAI (A zanpakutou's final form is called "Ban-Kai", which means "Full Release". It usually takes many years to master it. A bankai can be ten times more powerful than the first release, "Shi-Kai". "Ban-Kai" is a japanese term used in "Bleach".) on him… Instead, she says… and i quote…

"Ju-ba nyathina (Ju-ba my child), I am sorry I did not wake you up early… I forgot" Now ladies and gentlemen, if you have ever come across a better mother, yours must have been Mother Teresa!! 

Then listen the the funny part, my brother goes like….

" Its fine Mama!!!" then looks at me and smiles!!! HE HAS ALREADY MISSED A CLASS BUT CAN AFFORD TO LOOK AT ME AND SMILE!!!! Sigh!!!

My mother asks me if I can drop him to 'school' on my way to work…. He shouts from the bathroom,

" I will go by myself Mama!!!"

He knew very well that if he was coming with me, it was going to be in the next two minutes!!! But I think he wanted to miss one more class!!

I have to go now my love…. 

p.s Mother randomly told us she is going to Egypt today!! This was yesterday at 10:30pm!! I dont know why I was not told this earlie!! Its not like a list for 'THINGS YOU SHOULD BRING ME' is easy to make!! OOhh the agony!!!

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