Love and hate

20 Dec

Dearest Doris,

Good morning my one and only, I am sorry I didnt write to you during the weekend like I promosed, I have no reason or excuse because Rome has excellent internet- that’s where I was.

Moving on…..

I had something very important to write about but I am absolutely blank…

Remembered what I wanted to say….


It is a movie… I am an artist, I do graffitti a lot… My tag name is an eyesore in particular parts of this town ie Houston Texas!!! Haha. Back to business, with my status as an artist, the movie title sold… I got it immediately if not before….

So I get home all excited. I plug in my external hard drive to the laptop and double click on The Graffitti Artist…

THE MOVIE HAS NO TALKING…. No one has said a word 45 minutes into the movie….
It’s about a teenage boy who is into graffiti. He lives alone in a small house. He steals food and keeps on getting arrested… He has no friends or family… He is completely alone!!

It was a good movie not considering the very annoying lack of speech…. Until he meets another Graf artist like himself. Another teenage boy who is more organised- doesn’t steal coz he has enough money blah blah… Has a bigger house and lives alone.

The first boy moves in with the second and one thing leads to another…. By that I mean they start making out and touching each other…. I have nothing to say!!! But I am extremely dissapointed in those two artists!!! I am not an ati gay blah blah blah but I do not appreciate when…. You know what, I have nothing to say!!!

In other news, Kenya airways has this advert on radio where this woman makes a call in the middle of the night to book a flight for her boss… Her husbadnd gets pissed and grabs the phone… He gets the customer care… Blah blah! Then decides to book a flight to sijui where!!! In the middle of the fuckin night… Moral of the story, it has no moral…. It’s a terrible advert!!

I have to go! Macho love.

Love and hate

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One response to “Love and hate

  1. Ruman Kuria

    December 20, 2010 at 11:21 am

    Loved it!!!!
    I want that movie!


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