31 Jan

Dear Doris,

The love I have for you is evident… Never before I have ever been this happy.  Blood keeps on rushing to my cheeks with the thought of your beautiful face. I found an old picture of you in my jacket that had been washed with it a number of times. You beauty was evident behind permanent creases on the paper.

It is Monday today. The weekend was a handful… Completely lazy, I was. Ended up cancelling meetings so I could stay in bed!! In bed I couldnt shut my eyes… I sense trouble deep in the floors of my soul!! I have no idea what it is… it grates my soul!!!

My mother asked me about Johnny Walker yesterday… we were  having breakfast, in silence,only the two of us… Then,

"How is Johnny Walker served in clubs?"

I almost spat out my tea!! My mother is probably the most innocent human being in the world!!!

Lets get serious…

I dont like cops… I dont like cops who carry guns more!! I will explain even-though I do not understand why I should because cops with guns are not cool…. If your father or uncle is a cop, I probably hate him, i say this with complete sympathy…  Jail_267925

So guys are being shot in this country left and right lately!! Did I mention these guys are being shot by cops??!! Yeah!! They are always "gangsters on the run" who always have a random "fake pistol" lying by their mort!! Funny thing is that these gangsters fired at the cops!!! WITH WHAT?????!!! The fake gun??!

I am not saying I am for bank robbers and thieves… I am just saying it doesnt look good shooting niggas all over the place!! Now that we are on this eerie topic, its better I say everything on it so I never come again!! So I have been arrested 5 times… or is it six!!? DO NOT PANIC!!! I have been arrested all these times but I have never seen the inside of a prison cell!! The closest I have been to a prison is a story my best friend told me after spending the night in one!!

Let me explain why I was being arrested!! I am a graffiti artist,after filling your parking lot with tags, a normal kid will want to explore… yeah!! Vandalism is illegal-apparently!! So to explain why I have never seen a prison cell… Ladies and gentlemen, its a little trick called BRIBERY! I am shattered and ashamed of myself… I guess you all should be too!! I am not admitting that I bribed a police officer…. I am not denying either!! Dont worry reader, That last line was to throw everyone in limbo when I am taken to court!!

Our jails are already full with murderers and rapists… Bribes make sure those who overspeed and vandalise are out and the evil are in prisons!! A vandal and a rapist cannot be put in the same cell!! Doesnt make sense!!

Yours now and forever….

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One response to “BRIBERY HAS A GOOD SIDE

  1. TheBOGOF

    January 31, 2011 at 11:42 am

    You are not saying that you bribed a cop and then you say that you did not..which it?
    The first thing that you say is that BRIBERY is a trick and you admit how ashamed you are of it…you’ll definitely get into trouble with the 3rd arm…


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