15 Feb

Dear Doris, Image6

I was raised in a Christian family… I am a staunch Adventist!! My grandad was, well, lets just say, it started from him!! Never missed church… 

Ok, i think I started this story too far behind… Let me fast forward it to this century….. 

In my family we have something called devotion…. which simply means, general worship. We come together every evening and pray together. This was very successful sometime back, till people got jobs that keep them at the office till late and others signed for evening classes in university and every night turning out to be clubbing night in Nairobi these days … by people i mean my brother and I!!

We have missed quite a few devotions this year!!

Moving on… Add_toon_info.php

Last Saturday I went to church at 12:45pm. If you have ever set foot in an SDA church, you already know I was going against traffic. I went in when everyone was coming out!! My plan was to go in and sit so that my mum would see me… I completely forgot that she was on duty (deaconess) and sits right at the entrance. I saw the heavens fall when our eyes met!!

Fast forward…

" Give God His time. You get up early for work and come to church this late?? Its about time you asked yourself who gave you that job" She said later that day!!

Mama (my mother) has a way with words… She will not raise her voice… but you will feel whatever she say between the discs on your back bone!! DEEP!

But thats not my story… Image7

My story starts at 5:30am this morning….

I am never woken up by Baba (my father), he did today… AT 5:30am!! and woke everyone else!! Be advised- I wake up at 7:30am….. Let me rephrase that… I open my eyes at 7:30am… i stay in that state for at least 15 minutes… 

The house must be on fire….

The family is called downstairs… 


AT 5:30am!!!

For a split second i thought they found and read my journals….

" I told you not to go to church at 12:30…. now see what you did"' my bro who is 3/4 asleep!!

Turned out that the reason for choosing this particular hour for prayers was that no one was there in the evenings…


If you have to go to church late, do it during sadaka time… Everyone is standing and being spotted is almost impossible… The deaconesses are busy most at that time =)

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