Why not

21 Feb

Dear Doris,

I am so ashamed of myself right now…

All my years I have known Methuselah is a woman!! Kinda gets me wondering which Bible I have been reading!! Ok, honestly, I have never read about The Man… I have come across his name once before yesterday… while reading the Genealogy of Jesus Christ!! But never a random story about him!! Did he heal a cripple at the gates of the temple, did he ride on a donkey behind Jesus, did he bring the pots of water Jesus asked for at some point… I have nothing!!! Apparently he was 969 and died seven days before the great flood. Those are very mmmm naughty numbers… 969 and 7..hahaha! My mind is full of SEX!

oh,and By great flood I dont mean El Nino, its that thingi where animals got on some boat in couples… SMELLS LIKE AN ORGY TO ME!!  Methuselah  

p.s- After research, I have learnt that He is mentioned ONLY ONCE in the bible…

So yesterday during devotion (its at 9:30pm on Sundays) we read The Genealogy of Jesus Christ. If you don't know what this is, then I cant help you… Methuselah came up… So apparently there are 3 women in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ… among like 70 men… I confidently said METHUSELAH when my mum asked me who they were (the women) My small sister laughed at me so hard…

Moving on…

I was at church by dawn on Saturday… I dreamt six different dreams… I was wide awake when the pastor started talking about the final days and how people who sleep in church are missing out more than those who stayed at home!!

"Thou shalt not test your God… Somebody say Amen!!" he kept on saying… I almost shouted…

"heard you the 1st time….will you pick on someone your own size??!"



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