08 Apr

Dear Doris,

I have no reason whatsoever for keeping quiet this long. I have told you before how much I suck at this communication thing!! But darling, I try…Its just that sometimes I don’t know what to say =(

I am well, my eye has been twitching for a month now…. Doris I think I am dying!! If breath my body to lose, be strong for our children (Shakespeare English) Work hard, and by that I don’t mean go around parting thine thighs!!!

I was wondering what I would do if you died and left me alone! I would die!!

I love you…

I have a bad stomach… Its been on and off this past week… I keep on running to the bathroom at the office… We have two new interns who sit at the window who keep on seeing this man running up and down! and the funny thing is, the bathrooms are behind the building and there’s nothing else there so you can’t even pretend to be making a phone call.. if you are running that direction, everyone knows whats up! One of the interns who used to call me sir doesn’t any more… methinks it’s because in her head ‘Sirs’ don’t shit!! Sad!! I didn’t give her any of my mandazis today… so she better start calling me sir!!


SO I was listening to Rompin’ Shop  by Vybez Kartel this morning. Call me ignorant but today was the first time I payed attention to the lyrics… I am not against obscenity or anything like that. Sex sells, I know… It goes like this:

Ey, mi cocky longa than mi mic,
Tell mi wah yuh like
Yuh want mi try
Or yuh wah fi ride it like a bike
Well, yuh haffi ram it hard
Di cocky nuh fi lie
Damage it fi spite
Not cah mi pussy tight
So mi put it pon di left
Gyal yuh tek it pan di right
Mi nipple dem a ripe
Sen it up inna mi tripe
One titi appetite
Every nipple get a bite…


Who saw the ladies dressed in tiny whit shorts and black t-shirts dancing with pom poms on Westlands round about? They were so embarrassed by what they were doing that they were hardly moved or smiled!! I I know how hard it is to dance and wave pom poms in that cold weather with only a t-shirt and tiny shorts that could easily pass underwear.


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4 responses to “SIR, ROMP POM POM =)

  1. Akellove

    April 8, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    LOL! Who doesn’t call you sir? LOL

  2. mydeardoris

    April 8, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    the one who wore jeans… i dont know their names and they look alike =/

  3. jaq09

    April 8, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Hehehehe. Dear Sir, I can guess what caused the many trips to the Engine Room.


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