18 Jul

Dear Doris,

This is a quick letter to let you know that I received your letter last night. It was a bit short though. Sorry to bitch about this but, I don’t understand how I can write you a 3 page letter then all I get back is a quarter page, written in huge block letters!! Did I do anything wrong? You should tell me, you know!!

Talking about doing wrong things, I think my brother and sister did something wrong at home when I was in the UK. I will explain my suspicions in a sec.

 So you already know about our devotion sessions at the crack of dawn!!! If not, well, my parents have made waking up at 5:45am for prayers mandatory in our Kileleshwa home!! This is what happens, my father, Baba, has his alarm set for 5:30am. This is what wakes everyone up… It Blares!!But no one gets out of bed (except his loving wife, who he refers to as Darling-most) at this point!! When you hear that alarm, you actually force yourself to sleep!! He then knocks on our door (my brother’s and I) and calls out loudly…


No one moves a muscle!! be advised that our door is always locked to keep him, Baba, outside!! He has this habit of putting on the lights to wake you up!! WE HATE IT!

Baba then walks to my sister’s room and calls out “MY MOTHER… COME DOWN!” Come down just means come down stairs!!

He then makes his way downstairs… Followed almost immediately by Mama…

I will explain the pet names a little bit later!!

Baba and Mama then burst in song!! AT THE TOP OF THEIR VOICES!!!


BE WARNED: NON OF THE CHILDREN HAVE STEPPED OUT OF BED!!! WE ARE STILL FAST ASLEEP!! Its weird because all of us are awake, just immobile!

The song is a bit hard to remain deaf to…

I am always the first one of the children to “COME DOWN”

Followed by my sister then my brother!! WE ALL SNAIL DOWN THE STAIRS… Luckily catching ONLY the last verse of the song!! Mama, just to annoy us, sometimes repeats the last stanza!! METHINKS!!

One of the children then prays for the Bible study session… Then Mama reads a verse from the Bible the Commentary!!

ALL OF US ARE ASLEEP  AT THIS POINT!!! Only Mama is awake!! She keeps on stopping and calling out names or goes like… “WHY ARE YOUR EYES CLOSED?”

We then stand up and pray for the day… Baba’s cue!! But just before that… Mama, does the last verse again!! Baba prays…

That is the skeleton of the devotion sessions!! Sometimes a few ‘house keeping’ sessions come after that!!

The point of all this… Well, before I left for the UK (I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF THAT LINE) we used to sing ‘LORD IN THE MORNING’ its a short song… 3 verses of four lines each with no chorus!! Things were ok!! BUT NOW, I know those kids did something wrong because the song has 6 very long verses with a solid chorus!! We could sleep until the song almost ended BEFORE I LEFT FOR THE UK… but now you would be lucky if you missed the second chorus!! We are all scared to ask for a change of song… this trend is already a bit too scary!!

I go back to bed after prayers… I say my good mornings on my second awakening!! I do not recognize the first time because as far as I am concerned, I am still asleep!

The pet names: Baba has a special name for everyone!!

My older brother is called “MY PASTA” The MY has to be there!! This is because he was named after my grand dad who was a Pastor!! It is spelt Pasta though. His other pet name is Pastaba!!

My sister is called “MY MOTHER” because she was named after his mother. her other pet name is Mamima.

I am MY IANO!! well!! I am his Iano! I am also known as Ianba! But only Pastaba calls me that.

I have two more brothers and a sister!! I haven’t mentioned them earlier because they are never there for devotion!! The eldest in my family, John (JOHNABA) and my sister Aba (KAJIMBOSH) are in the US…. (They are “YOUR SIBLINGS IN THE STATES”) Then the last one is Junior (JU-BA or MY JUNIOR) who is in high school… BOARDING!

Oh, I almost forgot, our cook, the best cook ever, Amos, is also referred to as AMOSBA.



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6 responses to “OUR KILELESHWA HOME!

  1. Baru

    July 19, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    hahaha! IANO your blog makes me laugh each time, that is quite the pick up!

  2. kbaab

    July 20, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    hahaha! HILARIOUS!

  3. Ed

    August 9, 2011 at 8:45 am

    Hahaha Ian, you are hilarious. Smh. That devotion sounds like quite a handful 😀

  4. Brian

    August 10, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Mmmm, well, quite a piece. Loved it immensely. Should develop this talent.


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