20 Jul

Dear Doris,

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS! I know we are not talking and all. This letter was forced on me. I am sure in your head you are thinking that this is one of those ways I try talking to you when you dont feel like talking!!
…‘My 5 Links’, which @eGichomo (a blogging enthusiast, among other things) who blogs here calls a chance to go into the archives and share some of the links that you feel deserve another read. It’s also to appreciate bloggers in Kenya and share mini-blog rolls for a broader read. A most noble idea, I must say. If and when you take part, tag five bloggers whom you’d like to read a similar post from.’

The above paragraph has been copied from @Akellove’s blog!! You already knew they were not my words when you saw hard words like noble and Kenya which I never use in my blog!! Just yesterday I was reading her blog and she had this list of her 10 fav bloggers… I was not one of them!! I think its because I dont use big words… Which she does, a lot! I was shattered and scotched beyond cognition! This is for you @akellove you best get your dictionary!

1. My Most Proletariat  Post

My most proletariat post is called OUR KILELESHWA HOME . It is also the most recent one with 647 hits… Ok i don’t know how to make this enthralling 😦

2. Post that didn’t get the succor it deserved.

Well, I worked hard on this particular post… Ok that is a taradiddle! SEX, ENGLISH & MRS. L was it! I thought a post about me almost sleeping with my English teacher was, well, prodigious! It got 300 hits!!  If you want to know how it happened… click on the link!! Atleast see the colour of her bra 🙂 Yes there was bra!! And maybe thighs!!

Before I go on; I am listening to this song on radio by Bamboo… The guy has been of the grid a while!! Then he comes back with lines like “…we were tortured, blood all over like tampons….” REALLY BAMBOO, REALLLY!!?
3. Post whose success surprised me.

Well, i am not trying to toot my own horn here… but… If you know you are good, nothing can.. ok I have stopped!! SHIISH! MAID . This was dedicated to the house girls out there!! Got a screaming 433 hits!! The number of spelling mistakes in this particular post is unbelievable!

4. My Most Controversial Post.

Well… Controversial?? Like war of words? None. But BALLS came pretty close. In this one my Mama, without warning, starts talking about balls on the dinning table!! This one was more of disastrous than controversial!
5. Post I am most proud of. The post I am most pooterish and vainglorious about is YOUNG LOVE it is a collection of letters I received when in high school from some chic I barely knew, but decided she was madly besotted with me!!

My 5 bloggers are

@woozie_M , @bikozulu, @shirogaitho, @savvykenya, @crazynairobian








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2 responses to “MY 5 LINKS

  1. Anita Kapten

    July 20, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    hahaha ati now you’re trying to use big words.LOL! BALLS was hilarious though!stilll is!

  2. Akellove

    July 20, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    As I LOL in the street. Loved it. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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