THE A’MAY’ZING RACE 2 (part 1)

21 Aug

My Lovely Woman,

I started writing this at about 9pm my love. I am still at the office as usual. I did not have anything to write about today… But I had missed you… So I just started typing and here we are on the fourth sentence… It is weird how love works you know… Completely unfathomable! It is like a hat slap across your face by an invincible being… I really do not understand why I love you so… You treat me like the granules of dirt between the sole of your shoe and gum that is stuck upon it… I am not sure if you understood that last statement! You treat me like dirt (better?) But then I cherish nothing more than the undying love I have for you… You will be my death Doris…

I went for The Amayzing Race last weekend! Yes it is spelt like that… I think it is because the first one was in may… I was at the 2nd one.

It is almost like the famous Amazing Race reality show… Only difference is this one is in Nairobi and not all around the world, no flights, teams are of fours and not twos (Amazing Race has teams of twos right?!), we are not given money unlike the Famous one…. ALL I AM TRYING TO SAY IS THAT IT IS JUST A WAY MORE AFFORDABLE DEAL!

Should I explain how it works? I am really tired… What I will do is google AMAZING RACE and copy the exact format that has been used to explain it… CMD+C …. CMD+V (That is just CONTROL+C and CONTROL+V if you are not using an Apple computer)

Anyhu… I will not explain, you just have to read… I have tried and it is dead boring reading though that… Or maybe I just want to finish this and go home!

As we waited for the race to start, one of the guys stole our car keys… This got us all worried. We all suspected this one person who had earlier suggested that stealing people’s car keys would be a brilliant idea… We later found our keys at the bar (Sheebeen) … A stranger had them… It had been given to him by our main suspect!

Our team was called GWARA GWARA WINCH WINCH… This had been proposed by our ‘Team Race Driver’ and we all thought it was too cool… I made the t-shirts and we were ready!

By the way my team members were these ones:

From Left: 'Team Captain', 'Team Racing Driver', 'Team Bubble', and myself (Team Winch)

From Left: ‘Team Captain’, ‘Team Racing Driver’, ‘Team Bubble’, and myself (Team Winch)

Before the race started each team leader was given a straw, a few balloons and a piece of string! We had to scan QR codes for clues at each pit stop!


Screenshot_2013-08-21-21-31-29I hope you can read that because there is no way in hell I am typing all that!! After I scanned the code we were off. Our ‘Team Driver’ was good… Even after the same guy who took our keys closed the gate on us, we were first to get to Hongs… Traffic held us back at Yaya Centre so we had to run a bit.. Our ‘Team Bubble’ who was the one we chose to take the challenge refused to run… My heart was racing as opponents swoooshed passed us! She walked to Hongs, at kicked ass. She was even using two straws! All the guys who raced passed us before couldn’t catch their breath to complete the soup… Did I mention the team with the mischievous guy didn’t get to scan the code and were following us blindly?? Yea…

Team Bubble on that chilli soup competition

Team Bubble on that chilli soup competition

CLUE 2: This was about going to Westlands and dancing to Azonto in front of Club Changes. This was a tad embarrassing… By this point there was a team ahead of us that seemed completely unbeatable… The mischievous team kept on calling for updates and clues… It was too funny… The ‘Team Racing Driver’ and “Team Bubble’ were the only ones who could Azonto… So I video taped as they Azontod!

My QR reader had chapad by this point and was not reading the codes.

The next clue took us to Runda… ‘Team Bubble’ lives in Runda so she was chief navigator untill she completely potezad us… Cool thing was every other team ahead of us was also lost (1 team)… It was clear not many people lived on that side of town!

We had to drive though Runda and get an Mpesa shop owned by a Mr. Karanja! It was a toughie… We found the Mpesa shop though which had a clue that took us to Village Market.


Screenshot_2013-08-21-21-49-51So this one w`as the trickiest! We were supposed to park at a designated spot! Because no one was watching and we were all hungry to win, no one bothered to find this spot! The clue that came after this was a swimming one… Each team member had to ride on a slide or a team member does it for them. There were 5 slides! Our ‘Team Racing Driver’ was the only one who bothered to carry a swim suit so he did all the rounds… We encountered a slight problem though, the nigga was enjoying this so much that he refused to come out of the pool… Good thing was so did the other teams…

‘The Challenge Master’ (Exactly how the title suggests: Like Big Brother) then came by and dished out 30 minute penalties to the teams in the pool… Apparently no one parked at the right spot… So people had to leave the pool go park at the right spot then re-do the slides… This set us back BIG TIME… It set everyone back!

After the penalty we were back at it again!

As I took photos of ‘Team racing Driver’, our ‘Team captain’ set out to find the next clue… Which could not be found… I called up a team that had found it and asked where it was… when we got there, we found like 16 QR codes and only one was the right one… Here is where my phone charge died! ‘Team captain’ found the right one though…

Ok I am really sorry but I will have to continue this story tomorrow. I have to drop some people in town so that they can catch matatus home before they run out…




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